Friday, September 2, 2011

Custom Residential and Commercial Absentee Owner Services

We look forward to meeting with you
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The logistical obstacles in caring for a second or third residence, investment property, or business from afar often challenge absentee home and business owners. Paul Langan's Service Groups has a proven record of providing the necessary oversight and supervision to assure that the proper attention is given to your investment. We have now all formed a very professional yet personal group of subsidiary companies to fulfill and meet these needs. Each service is built on a strong foundation of trust, honesty, integrity, and professionalism.  We are proud of our fine reputation within the community.

Paul Langan's Property Guard, Concierge Services, and Cleaning Services ultimately want to provide our clients with peace of mind, delivered locally while you are far away. We are not a staff of a thousand strong, we are a strong staff of professionals willing and wanting to do the very best for our clients. Each of our Service Group staff members are independent and self-motivated professionals with years of experience in residential and commercial contracting, the service industry, and security operations.  Each departmental leader is caring and conscientious about providing you with services that will meet or exceed your every expectation.

In addition to oversight and supervision provided when a residence is unoccupied, our personalized Concierge Service offers a full range of services to facilitate your  arrival and departure, including the following:

      Concierge Services Available:

·        Automobile detailing services.
·        One of the “fun” things we do is to prepare your home for your arrival. With a little notice of your arrival date, we can certainly assure you that your residence is clean and fresh, the cupboards can be stocked with whatever foods you request, the refrigerator also stocked with at least the essentials, and maybe even a bouquet of flowers to grace your entrance way and night table as well. In fact, if your let us know of your impending arrival, we can even turn on the lights, and have your favorite selections of music playing in the background.
·        Coordination and planning of special events or parties. 
·        Purchase of local business Gift Certificates, Gift Baskets, or that special request island gift.
·        Quick Medical and Dental Referral Services.
·        Computers and internet trouble shooting referrals.
·        Are you a visitor or new to the island and not quite sure where to go or what to do? Time is Money and we will help you find the activities and attractions best suited to match your preferences, style and timelines. Native Islanders often also value this service as a way to further appreciate our beautiful island and explore new adventures.
·        Assistance with daily laundry, including the washing, folding, and placement of laundry; pick-up and delivery of dry-cleaning services. 
·        Pet care and veterinary referral services.

Residential Cleaning Services:
What separates our Concierge Service from every other house cleaning services out there is the fact that we treat every customer as a member of our family. Attention to detail and a great work ethic sets us apart from all others.  With several outstanding local references, we are a service you can trust and learn to depend upon. We are the Island's only full service cleaning service available to you on short-term notice.  Why trust just anyone with your home, when you can depend on a new 'family' member. We never charge extra...for the little extras. We never cut corners...we clean them.
Many clients require that we maintain their home on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However, this service can also be whatever your wish. Triumph over everyday cleaning woes by having us take care of your dusting, vacuuming and re-organizing, while you put your feet up and return home daily to a spotless house.

Of course, when you leave your home, we will have it immediately cleaned, inspected, and prepared for your next visit. You can rest assured that in the unlikely event you leave a needed possession behind, we will do everything possible to immediately return or forward the item at your instruction.

All Cleaning and maid service proposal rates will vary depending on frequency of service, level of service, and size residence.

For your security and peace of mind, Property Guard Exterior/Interior Inspection Service will evaluate and monitor your residence or business while you are away! Our fully customized services are available for your selection. At your direction, we are prepared to offer and complete any or all of the following options:

The service rate for Property Guard Home Services is determined by the service options selected, the size of the residence or business, the frequency of service, and the level of service. Please contact our corporate offices for additional information; or to schedule an appointment to discuss your individual needs.

          Basic Service Plan:

·        Weekly interior and exterior inspection visits to your home; while there, we will turn on the water to flush toilets and run sinks to keep drain traps full. We will also check the entire interior and exterior for damages or potential problems.
·        Verify that all windows and doors are locked and secure.
·        Inspection of your personally contracted maintenance services to insure proper standards of performance and notify you of any non-compliance.
·        Serve as your local point of contact if you have a active security and fire/smoke detections systems in place, assuring their proper performance, notifying you of any non-compliance.
·        Confirm that major appliances are functioning properly.
·        Confirm that all lights and fans are off or performing to owner specification.
·        We will set up your home or business prior to your return by turning on the water, hot water heater, and adjusting the thermostat to your preference.
·        If required, we will submit for your approval, proposals for recommended repairs and/or maintenance services either routine or mandated and supervise those services to completion.

          Optional Services:

·        Check on pool maintenance performance for owner contract compliance.
·        Check on exterior/interior pest control performance for owner contract compliance.
·        Serve as your local point of contact for realtors.
·        Check on condition of exterior patio and window/door screens.
·        Check on lawn maintenance and landscape performance for owner contract compliance.
·        Bring into residence or forwarding of Mail/Newspaper/UPS/FedEx per owner request.
·        Routine starting of owner automobile/boat engines for performance.
·        Along with our immediate staff, we will perform or contract with other companies to make whatever preparations are required to install and remove shutters for hurricane preparedness in the event of evacuation order; conduct or contract for any repairs or clean-up is needed as well as any attention in the aftermath of the storm with personalized supervision.
·        Check on trash Service performance for owner contract compliance.
·        Experienced “Handyman” service and response can be immediate and affordable for those unexpected problems that may occur during your stay. We have access to an array of professional electricians, plumbers, roofing contractors, and other providers of specialized services.


       All Floor Surfaces Vacuumed
       All Wood Damp Mopped
       All Tile Flooring Cleaned and Disinfected
       All Furnishings/ Picture Frames Dusted
       Sliding Glass Doors Cleaned
       Remove Any Reachable Cobwebs
       Windowsills/Baseboards Dusted
       Light Switch Plates Cleaned
       Ceiling Fans/Light Fixtures Dusted
       Window Blinds Dusted
       Exterior Furniture Wiped Down
       Furniture cushions/ pillows fluffed and arranged
       All Trash Receptacles Emptied
       All Countertops Cleaned and Sanitized
       Microwaves/Ovens/Cook tops Wiped Out
       All Cabinetry Exteriors Cleaned/Dusted
       Dining Table and Chairs Cleaned and Disinfected
       All Sinks/Faucets Cleaned and Disinfected
       Showers/ Tubs Cleaned and Disinfected
       All Toilets Cleaned and Disinfected
   All Mirrors Cleaned


       Carpets Professionally Cleaned
       Furniture Professionally Cleaned
       Hardwood Floors Treated
       Clean Out Fireplace
       Clean Ceiling Fan Blades and Hardware
       All Shelving Removed/Cleaned
       Woodwork Treated
       All Interior Windows Cleaned
       Exterior Porches Washed/Cleaned
       Exterior Furniture Washed/Cleaned
       Garage Floors Washed/Cleaned
       All Appliance Interiors Cleaned/Sanitized
       Interior Walls Cleaned (Latex Only)
       All Service ware Cleaned/Polished
       All Pots/Pans Cleaned/Sanitized
       All Cabinetry Interiors Cleaned/Sanitized
       Cabinet Shelf Paper Replaced
       Stone Counter tops Treated
       All Sinks/Faucets Steam Cleaned
       Showers/ Tubs Steam Cleaned
       All Toilets Steam Cleaned